Nano and Micro Manufacturing Workshop Proceedings - Thursday Poster Presenters

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Roger T. Bonnecaze
University of Texas at Austin
Fluid Management in Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Lithography
Additional Authors: Akhilesh Jain
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Anjali Chatterjee
Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute
Detection of Cancer by Nano Sensors
Additional Authors: A. Srinivasan
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

K.A. Cook-Chennault
Rutgers University
Dielectric Properties of Three-Phase PZT-MWCNT-Epoxy Thick Film Composites with Graphene Electrodes
Additional Authors: Sankha Banerjee, Rajesh Kappera, and Manish Chhowalla
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Michael Cullinan
Transfer-Free, Wafer-Scale Manufacturing of Graphene-Based Nanoelectromechanical Resonant Devices
Additional Authors: Jason Gorman
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Thomas M. Daunais
Michigan Technological University
Manufacturing Techniques to Improve Silicon Nanowire Repeatability
Additional Authors: Paul L. Bergstrom
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Cosme Furlong
Realization, Characterization, and Application of an Uncooled MEMS Sensor for Real-Time Infrared Imaging
Additional Authors: Frank Pantuso, Ivo Dobrev, Morteza Khaleghi, and Everett Tripp
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Vikrant J. Gokhale
University of Michigan
A Low-Cost Process for Manufacturing Thin Film Carbon Nanotube Based Composites
Additional Authors: Vikrant J. Gokhale and Mina Rais-Zadeh
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Cindy Harnett
Univeristy of Louisville
Manufacturing Thin Films With Controlled Stress for Micro- and Nanomechanical Devices
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Azhar Ilyas
University of Texas at Arlington
Salt Porogen for Synthesis of Porous Nanoparticles
Additional Authors: Jyothi U. Menon, Kytai T. Nguyen, and Samir M. Iqbal
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Said Jahanmir
Mohawk Innovative Technology, Inc.
Ultra High-Speed Micromachining of Miniaturized Components
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Alvaro Jiménez
Université de Sherbrooke
Fabrication of an Integrated Biosensing Device Based on the Surface Plasmon Resonance Effect
Additional Authors: Domini Lepage, Jacques Beauvais, and Jan J. Dubowski
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Eric Kim
Wayne State University
Multifunction 3D Electrode Arrays Based on a Simple Folding Process
Additional Authors: Jessin John, Hongen Tu, Jinsheng Zhang, Jeffrey Loeb, and Yong Xu
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Ki Yong Kwon
Michigan State University
Integrated Multi-LED Array With Three-Dimentional Polymer Waveguide for Optogenetics
Additional Authors: Wen Li
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Haitao Li
Michigan State University
Wearable Autonomous Gas Sensor Array Microsystem for Real-Time Health and Safety Monitoring
Additional Authors: Xiaoyi Mu , Xiaowen Liu, Yuning Yang, and Andrew J. Mason
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Suryakala Majeti
Midwest Business Associates, Inc.
Design of a New Micro Electromechanical Strain Sensor
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Jason McDowell
Aline, Inc.
Commercially Competitive Scalable Batch Manufacturing of Polymer Microfluidic Laminates
Additional Authors: Said Ehrlich and Leanna Levine
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Veena Misra
North Carolina State
Improving Nano/Microporous Si Anode Properties by Atomic Layer Deposited (ALD) High-K Oxide Passivation for High Energy Density Storage Applications
Additional Authors: Michael Lim and Bongmook Lee
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

O. Burak Ozdoganlar
Carnegie Mellon University
Fabrication of Novel Dissolvable Delivery Vehicle for Flexible Neural Probes Using Spin Casting
Additional Authors: Rakesh Khilwani and Peter J. Gilgunn
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Parviz Soroushian
Metna Co.
Treatment and Processing of Low-Cost Graphite Nanomaterials Towards Enhancement of the Concrete-Based Infrastructure
Additional Authors: Jue Lu, Anagi Balachandra, and Amirpasha Peyvandi
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Ying Sun
Drexel University
From Multi-Ring to Spider Web and Radial Spoke: Pattern Formation in Inkjet-Printed Nanoparticle Droplets
Additional Authors: Xin Yang and Christopher Li
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

M.M. Sundaram
University of Cincinnati
Exploratory Study of Nano Ultrasonic Machining Process
Additional Authors: S. James and K.P. Rajurkar
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Kevin T. Turner
University of Pennsylvania
Understanding and Mitigating the Wear of Probes in Tip-Based Metrology and Nanomanufacturing Processes
Additional Authors: David S. Grierson, Tevis Jacobs, Yijie Jiang, Jingjing Liu, Vahid Vahdat, and Robert W. Carpick
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

Wei Wu
University of Southern California
Sub-5 nm Patterning Using Helium Ion Beam Lithography and Nanoimprint Lithography
Additional Authors: He Liu, Wen-Di Li, Ahmad N. Abbas, Chongwu Zhou, and R. Stanley Williams
Poster Session: Thursday, May 23

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