Nano and Micro Manufacturing Workshop Proceedings - Wednesday Poster Presenters

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Mangilal Agarwal
Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis
Scalable Nanomanufacturing Using Layer-by-Layer Nanoassembly
Additional Authors: Sudhir Shrestha, and Kody Varahramyan
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Meser Ali
Henry Ford Hospital
Paramagnetic Nanoparticle for Non-Invasive Detection of Glioma
Additional Authors: Janic Branislava, Nadimpalli Varma, and Ali Arbab
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Amar S. Basu
Wayne State University
Using Two-Phase Microfluidics to Generate Monodisperse Drops and Particles With Tunable Size and Shape
Additional Authors: Razieh Kebriaei and G.K. Kurup
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Roger T. Bonnecaze
University of Texas at Austin
Templated Evaporative Lithography for High Throughput Fabrication of Nanopatterned Films
Additional Authors: Talha Arshad
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Ying-Yu Chen
A SPICE-Compatible Model of Graphene Nano-Ribbon Field-Effect Transistors
Additional Authors: Artem Rogachev, Amit Sangai, Giuseppe Iannaccone, Gianluca Fiori, and Deming Chen
Session: Wednesday, May 22

A. Dissanayake
Western Michigan University
Synthesis of Carbon Nanotube (CNTs)/Polymer Nanocomposite
Additional Authors: Muralidhar K. Ghantasala, Valery N. Bliznyuk, and A. Kayani
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Cosme Furlong
Miniaturization Engineering: Development and Application of Advanced Optical Metrology Systems
Additional Authors: Ivo Dobrev, Ellery Harrington, Peter Hefti, and Morteza Khaleghi
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Angelo Gaitas
Picocal & Delft University of Technology
Tip-Based Chemical Vapor Deposition With a Scanning Nano-Heater
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Paul Glass
nanoGriptech, Inc
Commercialization of Gecko-Inspired Adhesives
Additional Authors: Theodore F. Novitsky, and Metin Sitti
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Joachim Goebner
Micro Laser Sintering
Additional Authors: Jessy Nehro, and Andrew Snow
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Subash Gokanakonda
Western Michigan University
Structural Health Monitoring Using a Micro-Fabricated Fatigue Sensor
Additional Authors: Muralidhar K. Ghantasala and Daniel Kujawski
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Xiaogan Liang
University of Michigan
Plasma-Assisted Transfer-Printing of Ordered Arrays of Two-Dimensional Nanocrystal Features for Nanoelectronic Applications
Additional Authors: Hongsuk Nam, Sungjin Wi, Hossein Rokni, Mikai Chen, Greg Priessnitz, and Wei Lu
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Tindaro Loppolo
Southern Methodist University
Whispering Gallery Mode Resonator: Potential Applications to Defense/Homeland Security and Biomedical Devices
Additional Authors: Edoardo Rubino, and Maurizio Manzo
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Jodie L. Lutkenhaus
Texas A&M University
Rapid Assembly of Nanostructure Electrodes for Energy Storage
Additional Authors: Lin Shao
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Joey L. Mead
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Multi-scale Manufacturing with Polymer Materials
Additional Authors: Carol Barry
Session: Wednesday, May 22

W.J. Meng
Louisiana State University
Manufacturing of Metal-Based Micro/Nano Parts: Fabrication Strategies and Surface Engineering Applications
Additional Authors: Bin Lu, Ke Chen, and Yang Mu
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Frank Niklaus
Layer-By-Layer 3D Printing of Silicon Micro- and Nanostructures
Additional Authors: Andreas C. Fischer, Kristinn B. Gylfason, Göran Stemme, B. Gunnar Malm, Mohammadreza Kolahdouz, and Lyubov M. Belova
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Nezih Pala
Florida International University
Synthesis of Crystalline ZnO Nanorods and Nanoflakes on Arbitrary Substrates at Ambient Conditions
Additional Authors: Phani K. Vabbina and Wonbong Choi
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Robert C. Roberts
The University of Hong Kong
Developments in Additive Microfabrication Using Inkjet Printed Gold
Additional Authors: Norman C. Tien
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Laxman Saggere
University of Illinois at Chicago
Contact Manipulation and Assembly of Nanostrutures for Assembly-Based Nanomanufacturing
Additional Authors: Christopher A. Pelzmann
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Yu Sun
University of Toronto
Manipulation and Characterization of Nanomaterials Inside Scanning Electron Microscope
Additional Authors: Brandon K. Chen
Session: Wednesday, May 22

Christian A. Zorman
Case Western Reserve University
A Versatile Microplasma-Based Patterning Technology for Large-Scale, High Throughput Micro- and Nanomanufacturing
Additional Authors: Mohan Sankaran, Philip X.L. Feng, and Joao Maia
Session: Wednesday, May 22

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