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Scott D. PiggottScott D. Piggott - Scott Piggott was hired as Chief Operating Officer of Michigan Farm Bureau in April of 2012. As Chief Operating Officer, Scott is responsible for planning, managing and supervising all of Farm Bureau's ongoing programs and services. Scott began his career with Michigan Farm Bureau in 2000 as Natural Resources and Right to Farm Specialist and became manager of the Agricultural Ecology Department in 2002 where his responsibilities included environmental issues like air quality, water quality and water quantity. Scott has served on over 20 committees and boards, including co-chairmanship of the Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program and the Michigan Groundwater Conservation Advisory Council. Scott has been an invited fellow for environmental concerns at Michigan State University, University of Michigan and University of Toronto. Scott earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Biosystems Engineering from Michigan State University. He has worked for the State of Michigan and designed Air Pollution Control Devices in private industry. Scott lives and works on his family's farm near Fowler, Michigan with his wife Donna and four children.

Nanotechnology on the Farm

Technology on the farm, spanning from hydraulics to genetic engineering, has allowed a small percentage of the population to raise the most abundant food supply in the world's history. As technology continues to shrink in size and grow in application, nanotechnology is in many instances already a part of modern agriculture. Can nanotech help farmers to meet the global food supply of 9 billion people? What part will this technology play in ensuring healthy food? This session will explore current adaptation of nanotech in agriculture and glimpse into the future with lessons provided by past technology adoption trends and controversies.
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