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Karen LightmanKaren Lightman - Karen Lightman became MEMS Industry Group (MIG) managing director in June 2007. Formerly director of special projects, Karen played a pivotal role in launching MIG in January 2001. Karen is active in promoting MIG's role as the leading trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. Karen manages the operations of MIG, spearheads strategic growth, and oversees sales, public relations, marketing and outreach. Karen joined MIG from Carnegie Mellon University's Center for Economic Development where she was senior policy analyst. Karen has a BA from the University of Vermont (UVM) and a MS in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.

MEMS Industry Group (MIG)

MEMS Industry Group® (MIG) is the trade association advancing MEMS across global markets. Karen Lightman, the executive director of MIG, will discuss how trade associations allow members to meet new customers and partners, use the trade associations PR and marketing programs, maintain a shared library, and help shape and drive the future direction of technology. The trade association addresses business and technical issues that hinder technology commercialization.
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