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Roger GraceRoger Grace - Roger H. Grace is president of Roger Grace Associates (RGA), a marketing consulting firm specializing in high technology, which he founded in 1982 in San Francisco, California. His background includes over 40 years in analog circuit design engineering, manufacturing engineering, application engineering, project management, product marketing, and technology consulting. Since 1982, he has been a technology marketing consultant providing a broad range of services to domestic and international clients, including: Business Development, Custom Market Research, Integrated Marketing Communications (MARCOM), New Product Introductions, and Strategy Development.

The Importance of Business Analysis and Marketing in Commercializing New Technologies

Business planning and marketing are two of the common weaknesses in firms seeking to commercialize technology. Often firms start with a technology first approach, they believe that if they build a better mousetrap (have a better technology), the world will beat a path to their door. However, most companies fail because they have not analyzed the size of the market, their current competitors and the presence and absence of any differentiating factors between them, the pricing power of their customers and suppliers, potential technological alternatives, and the barriers to entry for any future competitors. Also, they neglect the importance of marketing their products. This presentation will highlight the factors that are important for making new micro and nano commercialization efforts a success and how companies succeed in the marketplace. It will include examples from the more than thirty years of experience that Roger Grace Associates has in assisting firms to commercialize and market their products, many in the MEMS industry.
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