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John PalmerJohn Palmer - John Palmer is a global management, innovation, and strategy executive. John also a focus on technical and business management adviser with extensive years of experience in corporations, R&D, advisory firms, and academia. John has served as a key member in the development of the International Space Station Habitat and Laboratory, leading several nano technology experiments with US international partners. John has built new ventures and change initiatives for employers and clients in energy, technology, high tech R&D, telecommunications, aerospace and transportation sectors in 30+ countries. John has completed advanced studies at some of the world leading including Valencia Polytechnic Institute, Stanford University, University of Seville, and Monterey Institute.

Sigma Consulting Group (SCG), LLC

Sigma Consulting Group (SCG) LLC, consists of a group of scientists, engineers, and business executives that are focused on creating unique technologies that improves the quality of human life and protects our environment. Our consulting activities focus includes the expanded applications of nano technology in the medical and environmental monitoring fields. We have established key strategy alliances in the US and off-shores that augment our research and development capabilities. To take advantage of the full spectrum of nano technology advancements, our research includes a wireless telecom and remote power charging research for embedded medical devices and related cybersecurity components. Our goal is to collaborate with National Labs and academia to accelerate some of the areas of our researches, productization, and path to market of these products and services. Our SCG team members have extensive experience in the high technology fields including medical research, telemedicine, wireless and sensors research, communications satellites, cybersecurity, MEMS, nano technology development and applications.
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