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John J. JanikJohn J. Janik - Dr. Janik received a Ph.D. in neuroscience/biomedical engineering from the Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University. During his academic career, Dr. Janik studied functional aspects of the human nervous system, focusing on the clinical use of functional imaging technology and its role in presurgical planning for neurosurgery. In 2005, Dr. Janik joined Stryker's Advanced Technology Development group where he worked on developing various neurotechnology platforms (nerve monitoring, EEG, and implantable neuromodulators). In 2010, Dr. Janik joined Stryker IMT where he is the manager of Strategic Development focused on the development of internal/external technology platforms.

Micro and Nanotechnology for the Treatment of Cancer

As medical technology solutions strive to target provide more efficient therapies and confirmation of those therapies, the role of nano- and micro-systems is playing a more important role. Here we will examine several of the largest markets in the medical device industry and discuss the current role of such systems and what the future holds.
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